Tuesday, February 19, 2008


My wife (lovingly referred to as "the leader of the Opposition") was, frankly, in poor temper all weekend. It didn't seem to matter what anyone did or said she seemed to want to take the opposite view. Anything to argue.
I didn't mention this on Saturday because I thought it was best to let her get it out of her system. (Whatever 'it' was)
Sunday came and she was just as ill-tempered. We had a couple of hours alone on Sunday afternoon and after we'd eaten I asked her if anything was the matter. "Nope" was her succinct reply. I pushed her a little and kept asking her what was annoying her. Finally she said she felt as though no-one paid her any attention. Now this is untrue. I consider myself attentive, courteous, loving and complimentary (even when those pants do make her bottom look big!)
The kids hadn't been rude to her (I monitor that closely) and I had been in a great mood. She just felt like being someone's (anyone's) adversary.
I've mentioned in a previous post that we don't have a D/D relationship as such even though I consider myself head of the house I also consider it a role I share with her. But enough is enough. I told her that it was time for her to release some anger and also for me to release some of mine too.
She reddenned a little and I thought she was going to scream at me. She didn't and I seized the opportunity. I pulled her close as if to kiss her and I guided her across my lap. It's been particularly warm in Melbourne and she was only wearing a skirt and tank top. Her skirt rose as I pulled her over and it didn't take too much tugging to lower her knickers. As you may have gathered I spanked her.
I spanked her only with my open hand but I spanked her until her bottom was a deep red colour and she was sobbing quietly. I let her up and she smiled and went out to the kitchen to get a drink. Upon her return she told me that she seemed to feel better. We talked a while and agreed that a spanked bottom was apparently what she needed. I surprised her though when I told her that although she had gained some satisfaction from her spanking that I had not. She asked what I meant and I replied that I would show her. I eased her across my lap again and spanked her already red and sore bottom. She kicked a little this time and her cries were louder and more intense. I spanked her bottom cheeks and her thighs concentrating on the well-known sit-spot. When she stood up she initially looked as if she was going to pack her bags and leave! Instead she sat on my lap and we talked.
She whispered that she thought she had got away lightly until I took her back across for "seconds". She seemed impressed that I wasn't going to tolerate her moodiness. It wasn't that her moodiness was a big deal as such however ours is a happy home and she was making us all unhappy. She understood but I wouldn't accept an apology. I think her spanking was sorry enough. I do, however, wonder if our relationship is going to alter or if this episode is just a 'one-off'. Time will tell I expect.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

A good friend

I've known Sharon for thirty years. We went to the same high school together. She has always had (in her eyes) a weight problem. She is , I think, about a size 18. Personally I've always thought she looked great but she was/is forever dieting. I've maintained a friendship with her that is devoid of any romance yet I enjoy her company (she's funny) and I confess to finding her attractive.
About this time last year I called into her place to say hello. I'm often called on to fix something or to advise her on some small problem she's having around her flat. When I arrived she was most upset. Apparently one of the women she works with spent the entire morning (within earshot of all other employees) bemoaning that, in her opinion, 'more work would be done around here if everyone was slimmer'. Sharon's not the only overweight person employed at this place but she believed she was the target of this woman's venom. She went on to tell me that she is forever dieting but that she finds it difficult. I hinted that what she may need was some kind of 'penance' for when she broke her own rules or discarded her weight-loss diet.
I didn't force the issue (even though I know how beneficial spankings, as a penance, can be). After seeing her a couple of more times I suggested spanking therapy. She laughed at first and thought I was kidding. I explained that it is something I sometimes recommend as part of my employment; both to married couples for use within the privacy of their homes and for those who seek therapy administered by an authority figure other than a spouse. We talked for sometime and I think I talked her into the idea.
We met a few days later and although we both were a little awkward at first she soon began to unburden herself with tales of broken diets and binge eating. She agreed that she needed to be accountable to someone and said that it might as well be me. I explained that we would begin slowly and that she would get an idea as to how much 'penance' she required.
She excused herself and left me alone in her living room. She returned five minutes later wearing a short silk dressing gown. On the rear of this gown was embroidered a large chinese dragon. I admired it and she laughed and said she chose it specifically because when it came to dieting she had been draggin' (dragon) her ass. I called her to me and she untied and removed her gown before she laid across my lap. She was wearing knickers and a bra and I explained that her knickers would come down as the spanking progressed and she nodded her approval. I began with firm spanks to both cheeks and progressed to the top of her thighs. After a minute or so I lowered her knickers and continued to spank. I continued until I knew that her bottom had had enough 'first-time' penance. She stood up and I noticed she had been crying. She apologised and I explained that an apology was unnecessary and that if crying helped her release any tensions or guilt or if it she saw it as a part of her punishment for breaking her own rules then it served a purpose.
She put her gown on and we sat and talked. I told her that my spanking of her was not to interfere with our friendship and I'm glad to say it hasn't. I asked her why she wanted to be nearly nude for her spanking and she replied that she thought if she felt embarassed about me seeing her almost 'starkers' then maybe she would have an incentive to try and lose some weight. I laughed and agreed but had to tell her that I didn't mind the vision at all.

Friday, January 18, 2008

A reason

I began chatting to a lady in November last year and finally, after unavoidable delays, we met yesterday.
As you can see by my profile pic. I'm not quite the beanpole I was during my time in the Army. Leeann is married with two teenagers and in her words "isn't quite the shape she'd like to be". She told me she wanted/needed to lose two dress sizes. Immediately I sensed that the reason she felt a need for theraputic spanking would be that she wanted to lose weight.
To please her husband. To please herself. To parade on the beach wearing a clingy two-piece bikini. Wrong!!!
Leeann is quite comfortable with the weight she has gained since she married and she told me that her husband is happy with the way she looks also. So he should be.
Like me she is of average looks, with short brown hair, an infectious smile and an open and honest sense of humour. Her problem is, however, related to her husband.
He enjoys making love to her and wants to make love to her whenever he can. Leeann just isn't that interested in making love anymore. She told me that she has ongoing fantasies concerning mild domination which are primarily focussed on being spanked. She explained that the usual love-making she had enjoyed over a fifteen year period of marriage just wasn't exciting her anymore. She stressed that this 'problem' had nothing whatsoever to do with love. She loves her husband undeniably but she knows within herself that she is seeking a different form of foreplay.

During our initial chat I asked her if she had discussed her feelings and fantasies with her husband. (I explained that when my wife raised the issue of spanking it was all I could do not to cheer out aloud). She told me that he is an extremely conservative person who does everything to a set routine ie servicing the family cars, holidays, dinner at seven, fish and chips every friday night etc. There is apparently nothing unpredictable about him. When they were first married she used to tempt him with all kinds of lingerie but it seemed the only place he liked lingerie was on the floor! She has tried to share with him books on the subject of m/f fantasies but he isn't interested. So she has decided that she wants to 'rev herself up' with occassional meetings with me.

Obviously I'm happy to oblige but it's rather sad for them as a couple that he has a brick wall built when it comes to openly discussing likes and dislikes in the bedroom.

Leeann and I met at a hotel/motel in the eastern suburbs. I waited for her in a small bar at the rear of the hotel part. She entered the bar about ten minutes after I arrived (and I was early) and we both sensed who the other was. She was wearing an above the knee printed dress, bared shoulders and the most nervous expression I think I've ever seen. We had a couple of drinks and she began to relax. We briefly rehashed her frustrations and although she was anxious she said she was glad we were meeting. I asked her if she wasn't somewhat concerned about meeting an 'almost stranger' in such a 'cloak and dagger' manner and she said she wasn't concerned although she had told one of her girlfirends where she was going. (But not, I suspect, for what reason) This made sense and it's always better to err on the side of safety.

We went up to the room and I asked her what she really wanted from this experience. After a red face and some stammering she blurted out that she wanted to be chastised and then punished (hand and paddle) as though she was a little girl again. She wanted me to call her by both her given names and to lecture and then explain to her that to 'learn her lesson she would need to be soundly spanked on the bare bottom'. We agreed that she would be spanked first by hand then after a break she would receive a paddling.
I began by calling for her and having her stand in the corner for a few minutes. Then I called her to me and it wan't long before her summer dress was turned up and her bottom was turned red.
The time we spent appeared to please her immensely and yes I was pleased and couldn't wait to get home either!
I couldn't help but ask her what her husband would say when he saw her very red bottom. She laughed at this and said that in his mind there was only one way of making love and that was the 'old-fashioned' way and that he wouldn't see it.

A little sad for them both I suppose but to be truthful his loss is my (spanking) gain.